Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning

Items: Mattress / Sofa / Chair / Head Board / Carpet & Rug / Fabric Wall Panels
Methods: Dry / Shampooing / Steam

Dry Vacuum
Water-based dry vacuum agitates carpet to loosen and eliminates hair, dead skin, crumbs
and other particles along with dust and dust mites which are causes for allergy for asthma and eczema.
Powerful revolving brushes lift and groom every fibre of your carpet on a cushion of air. Removes stale
dusty air, odour and reducing air pollutants that contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Shampoo Scrub 
This Labour intensive process thoroughly cleanses and removes dirt and stubborn
stains at affected areas. Shampoo scrubbing effectively removes stains and carpet odour. This process
eliminates impurities and thoroughly cleanses carpet fabric, leaving it clean and smelling fresh. Some
stains may not be totally removed due to the damage of the carpet over long periods of time.

Wet Vacuum
High velocity vacuum jets clean water into carpet fabric and sucks out dirt and shampoo in
rotational movement, leaving only superficial layer of carpet wet and restores colours to its original state.
Leaving it fresh and clean as new.

Steam Process
This process eliminates bacteria and mould which contribute to odour and allergens.
This stage removes dull colours of the carpet which were left over after many years of use to reveal an
even layer of colour restoration to the carpet. Also applicable for natural fabric rugs.