Personal Loan

Don’t let finances hold you back from pursuing your goals.

Bridge For Business can help secure the finances you need through our personalloan program. Allowing you to place more focus on achieving your goals without the additional fuss of tedious banking processes.

The personal loan program allows you to secure lending from 4 up to 10 times your salary subject to confirmation. Contact us today for more information.


BFB specialises in the following property loan services for personal (HDB & Private homes) as well as commercial (Commercial & Industrial) clients in Singapore.


Why Refinance?
In simple terms, refinancing your existing property loan is the process of replacing your current property loan with another one. The benefits of doing so often may result in savings of up to several thousand dollars over the years and is a common practice in Singapore property industry. On top of that, property loan interest rates vary over time and there are no loyalty rewards for staying with the same bank.

 How Can Bridge For Business Help?

While the concept of refinancing is simple, the process is not. Sometimes
refinancing may even result in your property loans becoming more expensive due to upfront administration and legal costs. On top of that, there is also the arduous process of comparing rates over multiple loan providers in Singapore. And this research process could become overly time-consuming.

Instead, why not let our team at Bridge For Business handle your property
refinancing needs? We guarantee you the best rates while ensuring a hassle free experience throughout your property refinancing process.

Cash Out  Refinancing  
Cash out refinancing is an option open to property owners allowing them to unlock a certain monetary value for their property in exchange for cash. In short, it allows you to take out a low-interest loan however at the cost of using your property as a collateral. Note that this option is not open to HDB flat owners.

For more information and help with cash out refinancing of your properties, please do not hesitate to contact us.

New Purchase   
Purchasing a new property in Singapore is a huge financial commitment. That is why knowing what you are getting into and choosing the best property loan can provide you with better peace of mind throughout the journey of owning your property.

Bridge For Business has experienced financial consultants at the ready to guide you through this process. Our expertise allows us to recommend you the best rates available in the market right now, as well as the loan that best suits your property and financial capabilities.

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