“Sourced around for stain removal service for mattresses and the prices are above $200. Found Barristo International through their Facebook sponsored ad, saw reviews of stain removal of 80%, messaged them and booked an appointment. They are very fast with their Facebook replies btw and that’s a very good thing! Desmond and his team came down to do cleaning (of dust mites) as well as stain removal service for my mattress that has plenty of stains due to baby’s pee and vomit.
I was very impressed that all the stains on my mattress have been removed! My mattress now looks like brand new! Desmond is the owner and he himself come down to the ground to make sure that the service rendered by his company is truly satisfied by the customers. He’s not pushy in recommending packages and product which is a good thing coz I do not like to be pushed with sales.
Desmond, good luck with the RWS deal. Hope you get it! Will definitely recommend anyone who needs their mattress cleaned!