Tersano Stabilized
Aqueous Ozonated Water

“Exceptional Cleaning, Sanitizing & Deodorising without Chemicals”


Improve Productivity

Substantial Cost Savings

Safe for People and
Singapore’s Eco System

Simple, Safe & Stainable

Why use Tersano Stabilized
Ozonated Water (SAO)?

• Increased savings (15%-45%) versus chemical cleaners
• Improved employee productivity
• Tersano SAO is absolutely safe – MSDS is
• Overall reduction in:
Cleaning time
Chemical storage
Sick days resulting from chemical exposure
• Tersano SAO is non-corrosive, hence your cleaning equipment will last longer and need less maintenance.
• It’s an All-in-One solution that solves multiple cleaning issues and problems.
• Tersano SAO Cleans, Sanitises and Deodorizes in 1 application.
• Tersano SAO is safe for Singapore’s Environment and Ecosystem.
• Tersano SAO reverts back to normal tap water and oxygen and can be safely and harmlessly disposed of
down the drain.

Ease of Use

• Tersano SAO replaces 80% of the chemicals you currently use.
• Tersano SAO cleans with no residues, with no streaking and no rinsing.
• Tersano SAO deodorizes and sanitizes (99.999% bacteria kill rate) on contact as it cleans.
• Tersano SAO is an All-in-One cleaning solution. Tersano SAO can be used on all surfaces including
glass, mirrors, stainless steel, chrome, stone, marble, granite, tiles, vinyl, laminated surfaces,
hardwood floors, toilets, bathrooms, showers, grout and silicon, kitchens, TV’s, Appliances, computer
screens, dining areas, food preparation areas and especially carpets.
• Tersano SAO is produced instantly, on demand, from plain tap water. No more mixing of
chemicals. No more storage of chemicals.
• No handling of dangerous concentrated chemicals.
• No possibility of human error.
• No need for protective gloves, goggles or clothing.